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Standard Taps

Besly Cutting Tools, Inc.
has an extremely large selection of taps to choose from. Select from the following categories to see our complete offering in your area of interest.

Besly Standard Taps are our top selling styles and sizes and can be purchased at a reduced price by resellers if ordered in standard package quantities (all tools are priced per item). We have more than 50 different catalog styles in machine screw, fractional and metric sizes.

Besly Popular Special Taps are priced according to the quantity ordered. These tools include left and right hand threads and are sold in machine screw, fractional, metric and decimal sizes.

The all new! Besly Modern Application Taps are the latest development of special tool geometry, tool steel and coating technology. Besly's research team has dedicated thousands of hours in recent years to develop these taps, resulting in a "state of the art" product, suited for today's machining environment. They are available in machine screw and fractional sizes with USCTI Table 302A dimensions. Plus! for the extra reach that is sometimes needed, these taps can also be purchased in DIN lengths with ANSI shanks.

Popular Specials
Modern Application
Besly Tap FAQ

Besly SpecialTaps

Our engineering and production staff has a wealth of knowledge about designing and manufacturing all types of special taps including those with special shanks, squares and fittings.

Whatever the need call on Besly first!